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Welcome to Cadline. Here you will discover what services we offer and how to contact us .



We have the privilege of supplying, commissioning, mission critical servers for various clients both in Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Zambia. Clients having servers in remote areas, including mines, Farms and resorts require a robust installation designed to deal with African conditions , in which we excel.


Recovering from a disaster in made a lot easier and quicker with reliable backups that actually work and have the current data that you require. Having been in the business we know what needs to happen to make sure it does. We offer off site backup services to.

Bandwidth Management

Get the most out of your internet  by managing access to it. Weather you own a business and need to get your employees to "work" rather than browse or just want a safe internet environment for your children at home or school we have the technology implement it .


Surveillance cameras

With technology becoming more affordable, it is no longer the preserves of large corporate that can afforded the luxury of having your own CCTV system . Using existing network infrastructure we can install digital IP cameras that will give you crystal clear Images, either in your control room or on your smart phone any ware in the world .

 Backup Power

Having access to data is essential these days. Whether you want to keep your server room powered  for extended periods of outages or run your PC till alternate power is available, we have the solutions to install it all. Having done this for years we have tried and tested methods which will keep the lights on


Everyone has wireless networks these days, however some are more effective that others. We have been installing wireless networks since the tech became commercially available in many years ago. if you need access in a remote building or in a stubborn house we will get a solution for you

Structured Cabling

Having cables (and there can be many of them!) can quickley turn into a nightmare ) We install labelled cables and there  (up to top)........


... accessories leaving you with a neat and easy to manage structured cable system that will give you years of service to come

 Resort Hotspots

Providing guests with wi fi access within the limits of what the facility has set, whether a free service or voucher system, we can ensure that the guests have quality connections making there stay more enjoyable.